Yes! in fact the majority of our products can be ordered in a women's or junior cut. If you can’t find what you’re looking for let us know as all products can be made in any shape or size.

We have a wide range of sizes from 2XS to 5XL. Can’t find a suitable size? Let us know and we can create a custom size for you.

Yes. We can print your logos/graphics on existing designs or print designs you provide. We do not however offer complex design services.

Yes. Wholesale accounts are open to Store and Gym/Club owners. Please contact our wholesale department for more information: wholesale@ravenfightwear.com

Rubber grip is sewn onto the inside waistline of rashguards and shorts. It is a textured silicone rubber designed to grip. It helps prevent your rashguard riding up.

Our shorts are made of a spandex/polyester blend. This means that the shorts have a fair amount of give and are very comfortable. Being made predominantly of polyester also means that the shorts dry quick and should never be put in a dryer.

Your new fight shorts are made of synthetic material (Polyester/Spandex). This material is great as it allows a wider range of printing and dries fast. Unfortunately, however, it has drawbacks in that heat will often cause problems. Washing your shorts in hot water may lead to shrinkage. Drying your shorts in a dryer can warp the fabric, will shrink any lycra components and can damage the soft part of the velco. Using an iron on your shorts to remove creases can melt synthetic fabrics if exposed for even a second on a high heat.

Some quick tips

  • Washing:

    Always wash your shorts in cold water

    When using a washing machine always secure the draw string with a simple bow as the rigorous motion of the washing machine can dislodge it.

    When using a washing machine always secure the velcro. Unsecure velcro will grab any lyrca components of the shorts causing pilling, damage to the print and just in general making them less appealing. This applies to vale tudo and rashguards of which you should always wash separate from your fight shorts.

  • Drying:

    Never dry your shorts in a drier. The hot temperature of a dryer can cause the soft fibres of Velcro to shrivel up making it hard to close

    Always air dry your shorts as it will usually only take an hour to dry.

  • Ironing:

    It is recommended that you don’t iron your shorts

    If you really need to iron your shorts iron them on a very low setting. Spray the shorts with water and never ever iron the lycra as this will always melt.

Velcro has a lifespan and effectively has a limited number of uses (5,000 – 10,000 uses provided they are not exposed to too much heat bearing in mind you may open and close your velcro several times a day if worn all day. The more you train the more you will wear out your velcro). This can be mitigated by never using a dryer to dry your shorts. Velcro doesn’t do too well in driers as the hot air will cause the small fibres to shrivel and melt. If your velcro is no longer sticking, try getting a coarse brush and rubbing it across the soft side of the velcro. This will raise the fibres allowing them to be hooked by the firm side of the velcro.

Technically speaking swimwear and fightwear are similar so you could potentially use them for swimming. The water certainly won’t damage the products. That being said, as we make these for indoor use we have not had the UPF/SPF rated.

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