Constrictor Yellow (Women&

Constrictor Yellow (Women's)

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  • 80% polyester and 20% spandex construction
  • Four way stretch fabric for flexibility
  • Sweat wicking
  • Light weight and breathable
  • Reinforced stitching for durability
Women's spat measurements (Inches)
Size Waist (A) Length (B) Foot (C)
2XS 9.8 31.9 6.3
XS 10.3 32.5 6.9
S 11.0 34.1 7.1
M 12.2 34.8 7.5
L 13.3 35.8 8.3
XL 13.8 36.8 9.0
2XL 14.4 37.6 9.4
3XL 15.0 38.4 9.9
4XL 15.6 39.2 10.4
5XL 16.1 40.0 10.9

All measurements shown in the above table are done with the gament placed flat. You can compare these measurements with your existings garments to determine which size will be the best fit. To do this simply measure spats you already own by following the diagram shown above. Please note; the waist measurement is taken relaxed i.e. not stretched. As the waist is elasticised it will stretch as required.

Your weight (Lbs)

Size Weight
Lower Upper
2XS 70.0 100.0
XS 90.0 120.0
S 110.0 140.0
M 130.0 160.0
L 155.0 180.0
XL 175.0 205.0
2XL 195.0 225.0
3XL 215.0 245.0
4XL 235.0 265.0
5XL 255.0 285.0

"Alteratively, you can use the recommended size based on your weight. You need only weigh yourself to determine the best possible fit. Using the chart above compare weight with the range provided.

If you're still having trouble please contact us and we can recommend a size. Worst case scenario you can always exchange your purchase if it doesn't fit right!"

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